NFT Collection Protection and Scam Prevention

While preparing for an NFT collection release, there are many things to consider and get ready for. Protecting NFT collection’s intellectual property is the area that needs special attention for a project such as Multiavatar NFT.

Because the upcoming Multiavatar NFT collection assets are already available online through the Multiavatar library, we see a lot of illegitimate NFT projects that are infringing copyrights by using Multiavatar against the license.

Since there can exist only one official Multiavatar NFT collection, in the Multiavatar license, under the Restrictions section, it is prohibited to use the Multiavatar library for NFT projects.

Despite these restrictions, people are making Multiavatar fakes and presenting them as original NFT collections.

The good news is that it is easy to take down similar illegitimate projects from the OpenSea NFT marketplace by simply filling this form.

Fake Multiavatar NFT is no longer available on OpenSea

We don’t bother to take down all fakes, only the most damaging. Because of the low-effort presentation and no official communication, Multiavatar NFT fakes usually have zero volume, and therefore create no actual damage.

In 2021 Autumn, there was a fake Multiavatar NFT project with significant ETH volume. We took down it from OpenSea because it was illegitimate and copyright infringing. Unfortunately, in that situation, people lost their investments as their NFTs became worthless.

Last year, when fakes started popping everywhere, it became clear, that it’s time to announce and start working on the official Multiavatar NFT collection.

Since then, a lot of work has been done on many different levels. The progress is good, but there is no rush with the release. We are thinking long-term and building a strong foundation for the NFT collection.

Recently, we took down the fake Multiavatar account and fake collection that were using multiavatar URL slugs on OpenSea. So now, we have official URLs for the Multiavatar NFT collection and the account:

Earlier this year, we have successfully claimed @multiavatar usernames on Twitter, and Instagram:

To protect the official Multiavatar NFT from fakes, we will use “multiavatar” OpenSea URLs, and to prevent scam attempts, we will only communicate from our official social network accounts that share the same “multiavatar” username.

That’s it for now. Take care and don’t fall for scams!

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