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Multiavatar - Multicultural Avatar Maker

You can use Multiavatar for free for non-commercial and commercial purposes, according to the conditions described in this license.

Any avatar, generated with the Multiavatar Generator, can be used for free as your profile gaming logo, as a part of your design or software project, and similar. picture, gaming logo, as a part of your design or software project, and similar.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this project, to use, copy, modify, merge, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of a derivative work, and to permit persons to whom the work is furnished to do so, as long as the Restrictions described in this license are followed.

For software projects, you can add Multiavatar to your website or an app, and use it without any limitations under similar conditions as required by the MIT License, as long as the Multiavatar design assets are used according to the Restrictions described in this license.

You can also use the Multiavatar Generator algorithm, which utilizes the SHA-256 library (see license), to create your own avatars library with your own avatar designs.


This license does not include the right to replicate a similar or competing product/service, using the design assets provided by Multiavatar.

It is not allowed to re-package the existing set of avatar designs, or re-brand it under another product or service name.

When used in other products and services, Multiavatar should always be treated as an addition to your product, but not as the product on its own.

Example in a digital world: It is not allowed to create and sell an NFT collection of avatars generated with the Multiavatar library, since that would be considered a direct competitor to the official Multiavatar NFT collection.

Example in a physical world: It is not allowed to open an officially-looking Multiavatar bar or a restaurant, or to sell official Multiavatar toys, etc. But if you are opening a bar under your own brand, you can use Multiavatar in all areas of your visual communication. Similarly, if you sell your own custom line of toys, avatars from Multiavatar can be parts of your toy world.


You can use Multiavatar with or without the attribution.

A similar attribution is appreciated: Avatars by Multiavatar

On websites, insert the attribution on the page where the avatar is shown. This can be placed next to the image or on the footer of the website.

On physical items, add this attribution to the description of the final work or product so that the authorship of Multiavatar is known. For instance, add to the description on a web store's product page, or in the printed description of a physical item.

Place the attribution on the app's about or credits page and on the description page on the app store.

Insert the attribution line on the post or post comments on social networks.


For any additional questions, please contact us by email.

We encourage widespread use and creative interpretations of Multiavatar. Send us pictures links how you are using Multiavatar in your projects. Share them with the #multiavatar hashtag. and/or links of how you are using Multiavatar in your projects to showcase them.