Multicultural Avatar Maker
12 Billion Unique Multifunctional Identicons

Multiavatar is a multicultural avatar generator that is free to use and open-source.

Multiavatar represents people from multiple races, cultures, age groups, and worldviews.

In total, it is possible to generate 12,230,590,464 (12 billion) cryptographically unique avatars. It means that there are more than enough unique avatars for every person in the world.

Multiavatar's mission is to promote multicultural communication and to transcend differences and borders between cultures and countries by leveraging visual language, which is fast and can be understood anywhere in the world.

Multiavatar is a universal avatar, which works as an identicon and provides the benefits of social personalization and individualization, faster data identification, easier and richer cross-border non-verbal communication.

Launch date: 2020 Autumn
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