Launched: Multiavatar Is Now Out in the Wild

Let’s begin the Multiavatar blog with a quick review of the initial Multiavatar launch.

The launch was a success and even exceeded expectations. After the initial launch on Product Hunt, Multiavatar soon started to spread by word-of-mouth. It was featured in many different online publications, translated and shared in many languages on Twitter, and gained a lot of stars on GitHub.

Soon after the JavaScript version launch, I have rewritten the Multiavatar generator script in PHP and posted the link on /r/PHP subreddit. From there, it again started to spread by word-of-mouth, and it was mentioned on many PHP related websites. The GitHub PHP repository even surpassed the JavaScript repository by popularity, and now has more than 400 stars.

The PHP version was developed, first of all, for the Multiavatar API, which became much faster and way more powerful. Secondly, it will be used in the WordPress plugin, which is planned for the future.

Multiavatar had some early contributions to the JS and PHP codebase, and ykoitzsch developed a Multiavatar version for Angular.

Multiavatar is a long-term project. I have many exciting plans for the future, and a lot of interesting ideas are coming from the community.

Below are some of the Twitter shares, in several different languages. Many thanks to everyone for your initiative and enthusiasm.

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